Helping provide the best education and experience possible 

The Bearden Foundation was established in 1998 to help provide the best academic education and experience it can for students, teachers and staff by supporting them with additional educational materials and resources needed to create an exciting and thriving learning environment. The Foundation consists of alumni, parents of current and former students, and community members. 
Thanks to the generosity of the Bearden community, the Foundation has raised more than $900,000 for Bearden High School. With state and county education budgets tight, these fundraising dollars remain as important as ever. Sometimes a basic need is unmet and sometimes it takes investment to go from good to great. Much has been accomplished, but much is still left to do and the Bearden Foundation, with the support of the Bearden community, stands ready to assist.


How Can You Help?


Every dollar makes a difference at Bearden High School and there are several ways to contribute:
- Donate anytime online using PayPal by clicking “Donate.”
- Make a contribution when contacted during the Foundation’s Fall Fundraiser.
- Participate in the Bearden Golf Classic tournament in the spring.

The Bearden High School Foundation exists to assist students and staff in making Bearden High School a place of academic, athletic and artistic excellence.




1. Provide funds for educational enrichment opportunities for Bearden High School students. 


2. Establish a structure for individual and corporate contributions, testamentary gifts, and designated grants. 


3. Work with the school staff and administration to identify areas of need within the school. 



John Standifer - President
Jeremy Biggs - Vice President
Darren Welch - Treasurer
Jennifer Jacoby - Secretary 

Melanie Craig - PTSO President

Deborah Grace 

David Harris 

Mallory Lehn 

Buddy Pelot 

Ward Witt 

Debbie Boles

Stacey Serafin 

Buddy Heins 

Matthew Seaman 

Jenny Fogarty 

Neal Guthe 

Brian Tanner 

Nicole Siegel 

LaToya Williams 

Amy Shipley

Leigh Stivers 

David Belcher 

Scott Elder 



Founded in 1939, Bearden High School is one of the oldest high schools in Knox County. It is located off of Interstate 40 in the heart of West Knoxville and accessible through entrances on Gleason Drive, Gallagher View Road, Kingston Pike, and the Downtown West Shopping Center. Bearden currently welcomes more than 2,000 students to its campus and is one of the largest high schools in Knox County. 

"Learning to help. Helping to Learn."

Bearden High School Foundation

8352 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, Tennessee 37919 

​Tel: 865-539-7800 

​Fax: 865-539-7805


New Members

The Bearden Foundation is always looking for new members willing to serve. For more information, please contact Buddy Pelot at

Bearden High School Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 31729 • Knoxville, TN 37930


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