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The Bearden High School Foundation helps students and staff make BHS a place of academic, athletic and artistic excellence. The “Invest in BHS” campaign asks all Bearden families who can to make a donation to the Foundation and help provide school materials, training, teaching tools, and opportunities in and out of the classroom. 


This school year is unlike any other and the needs of our students and teachers are as great as ever. Some needs are underfunded, some are not funded at all. The Foundation is a non-profit 501©(3) organization. Every donation is tax-deductible and every dollar makes a difference.


Thank You for your support!

Thank You for your support!

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"Earlier this year, the BHS choir was gifted a Steinway baby grand piano. While we were delighted to receive the instrument, we worried about protecting it and moving it safely. The Foundation provided funds needed to purchase a dolly, cover, and keyboard lock so that students will be able to utilize this piano for years to come."

 - Steven Brown, Choir Director, Bearden High School

“The Foundation has supplemented my program with curriculum upgrades, new online software, and most recently, with better-designed chairs for coding class students sitting for long stretches in front of their computers. The extra financial support has made a huge impact on the courses I’ve taught over the years.”

-Amy Shipley, Information Technology Instructor, Bearden High School


“The high resolution and bright light of our new PowerLite projector ensures students around the room can easily see exponents and graphs in Algebra, and command line prompts and scripting details in Cybersecurity and Computer Science. It improves student learning and wouldn't have been possible without the support of the Foundation.”

– Dr. Tim Cathcart, Mathematics Dept., Bearden High School

Donation Levels

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Foundation Donors

R. B. Perry, LLC

Schulz, Philip           

Shoffner Kalthoff MES, Inc     

White Realty & Service           

Lundberg, Brian & Melissa     

Niemeyer, Carolyn 

Burgin, Anna            

Coover, Lea              

Abrams, Shelly        

Barclay, Bonnie & David         

Blaine, Alec & Tammy             

Campbell, Robert & Susan      

Collins, Mark           

Cowan, Dick & Susan               

Cross, Kevin & Stephanie        

DeRieux, Kelli          

Eden, Albert & Rita

Fisher, Brandon & Suzanne    

Flynn, Kaye & Tracy

Freudenberg, Kevin & Violeta

Ganguly, Tuhin        

Honeycutt, Karen   

Ironside, Kevin & Pamela        

Jones, Jenny & Kevin               

Keith, John & Gallego, Nidia

Kitts, Mike                

Long, Richard G & Michelle M           

Morgenegg, Ben     

Morrison, Paula      

Murphy, Peggy

Nelms, Tony & Suzanne          

Norris, Christopher & Laura   

Pelot, Reuben & Judith           

Rice, Cheryl              

Sessoms, Jim           

Sharp, Lori                

Sherrod, Teddy       

Smith, Howell & Joy                 

Stivers, Leigh           

Turvin, Lisa               

Venard, Brandon    

Veness, Mark           

Webster, Frank & Natalyn      

Williams, Susan


Ciancone, Michael

Staley, John R.         

Cash, Casey              

Griffin, Kevin           

Seaman, Matthew & Leigh     

Chinoda, Tanisha    

Adkins, Gregory & Tara           

Ammons, Becky

Byars, Tammy          

Cho, Carol A.

Cole, Joseph & Cordula           

Garris, Scott & Patti                 

Harley, Monica        

Johnson, Sonya       

Lively, Joseph          

Mann, Amy              

Mill, Jeannine          

Paunic, Zoran          

Reynolds, Roberta  

Sanders, Kristen      

Snide, Elizabeth      

Straus, Marc & Stacy

Wilkins, Joanna       

Williams, Jon & Antoinette    

Burnett,  Nancy       

Brumbelow, Stephen               

Ganusova, Vitaly & Elena        

Timbs, Matthew & Emily        

Moseley, Wendy    

Beckett, Susanne    

Carrillo, Marie         

Cloud, Douglas & Betty           

Leonard, Allen         

Loucks, Carol           

Parrott, B.E. & Geraldine        

Stripling, David & Karen          

Graffeo, Christina   

Branson, Suzanne   

Meyers, Tyler          

Mullins, Karen         

Phillips, Curtis & Naomi          

Thacker, Kathleen  

Tookes, Milton        

Armstrong, Amber 

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

Champion ($250+)      

Fogarty, Steve & Jenny

Varlan, Tom & Danni               

Hayes Jr., William & Anne

Jacoby, William & Jennifer     

Biggs, Jeremy          

Golliher, Jeff & Andrea            

Cozart, CT                 

Fleishman, Seth & Nataly       

Nagdeman, Eric & Nancy        

Winn, Barry & Grace                

Stansberry, Don & Priscilla     

Crook & Company  

Shipley, Alan            

Lewis, Patrick & Letitia            

Ingeneri, Trevor & Kristen      

Adkins, David & Christina       

Banks,  Anna            

Briggs for Senate

Butler, John D          

Clark, Andrew & Margaret     

Coleman, Dawn

Davern, Sandra       

Dickerson, D            

Ensor, Paul (Rusty) 

Fawaz, Hassan         

Hughes, Danny & Anna Marie                

Matson, John & Brandi           

Montgomery, Phillip & Colleen

Moseley, Harry & Lori             

Parker, Joey & Elizabeth         

Peters, Bradley & Heather      

Roberto, Andrew

Russell, Brian           

Sea Sails, Inc.           

Steele, Samuel & Susan          

Wallace, Ann           

Watson, Erin & Kim

Welch, Darren & Megan

Varsity ($100+)

Frazier, Louise         

Heins, John E.          

Roddy, Sheldon & Stacy          

Atchley, Randel & Leah           

Baird, Thomas & Diltz, Emily  

Johnson, Mike         

Tonn, Diana             

Urdal, Isabel Lussier                 

Golliher, Steve & Laura           

Eltz, August & Lori  

Heagerty, Sara        

Key, Nancy               

Prins, Brandon        

Pulsinelli, Gary & Lynda          

Smith, C. Wayne & Kay           

Keziah, Christopher

Stansberry, Frank & Carolyn  

Armstrong, Barry    

Bender & Associates, Structural Engineers

Coffin, James           


Dental Images PC   

F.W. of Knoxville 1, LLC           

Ferraro, Ralph         

Funderburk Electrical Services, LLC

Gregg's Electrical Service        

Guyton, Bruce         

Hearn, Verle & Bonnie            

Holston Methodist FCU

Jim McMichael Signs & Truck Painting

Jones, David & Jeanne             

Knox 2, LLC               

Knoxville Title Agency             

Larsen Jay for Knox County Commission

Larue Realty             

Mathews, Danielle 

Moses, Jeffrey         

Moss, Michael & Rhonda        

Top Dawg ($5000 & up)

Harris, David & Patricia

Cherokee Distributing Company

Heins Laning, Margaret

Smith, G. Scott

Pedigree ($1000+)

Langford, Allen & Julie

Bertelkamp, Henry F. III

Pilot Corporation

The Boyd Foundation

Bertelkamp, Henry F., Jr.

Lewis, James & Kristen

Witt Building Material Company

Spencer, Edwin & Tracey

Wilkins, Marshall & Clare

Belcher, David & Laura

Fiske, David & Mary Ellen

Witt, R. Ward

Smith, Joseph & Alisha

Airtech Service Co, Inc.

Harris, Doug

Heins, Buddy

Egerton, McAfee, Armistead & Davis, PC

Nordin, Jason & Janene

Merit Construction Inc.

Singer, Andrew & Jamie

Binkley, David & Jacqueline

Accord Federal Services, LLC

Clayton, Kevin & Michelle

Connell, Joel

Cozart, Woody & Judy             

Craig, Michael & Melanie

Georgiafandis, George & Christine

Harris, Douglas & Carla

Maierhofer, Justin & Kelley    

McLaughlin, Dugan

Pendergrass, Joseph & Shawn

Bulldog Club ($500+)

Four Seasons Grounds Management, Inc.

Decker, Jim & Michelle

American Leak Detection       

Standifer, John & Susan          

Vester, Thomas & Blanche     

SouthEast Bank       

Harris, Andrew & Sarah

Landry & Azevedo, Attorneys

Volunteer Realty Co.

Schaich, Charles & Sharon      

Mamantov, Mark & Catherine

Arana, Julio & Julia 

Bonnyman, Alexander Ashe        

Garner, Phil & Carol                 

Herman-Thompson, Emily      

Hinkle, Jim & Linda 

Jablonski, James J   

Koonce, Paul & Tammy  

Oakes, Bunny          

Oros, Bill & Lisa       

Pitt, Ernest & Patricia              

Shomaker, Ashley & Janet      

Smoot, Marvin & Tammy       

Virginia Jane, LLC

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