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The Bearden High School Foundation helps students and staff make BHS a place of academic, athletic and artistic excellence. The “Invest in BHS” campaign asks all Bearden families who can to make a donation to the Foundation and help provide school materials, training, teaching tools, and opportunities in and out of the classroom. 


This school year is unlike any other and the needs of our students and teachers are as great as ever. Some needs are underfunded, some are not funded at all. The Foundation is a non-profit 501©(3) organization. Every donation is tax-deductible and every dollar makes a difference.


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"Earlier this year, the BHS choir was gifted a Steinway baby grand piano. While we were delighted to receive the instrument, we worried about protecting it and moving it safely. The Foundation provided funds needed to purchase a dolly, cover, and keyboard lock so that students will be able to utilize this piano for years to come."

 - Steven Brown, Choir Director, Bearden High School

“The Foundation has supplemented my program with curriculum upgrades, new online software, and most recently, with better-designed chairs for coding class students sitting for long stretches in front of their computers. The extra financial support has made a huge impact on the courses I’ve taught over the years.”

-Amy Shipley, Information Technology Instructor, Bearden High School


“The high resolution and bright light of our new PowerLite projector ensures students around the room can easily see exponents and graphs in Algebra, and command line prompts and scripting details in Cybersecurity and Computer Science. It improves student learning and wouldn't have been possible without the support of the Foundation.”

– Dr. Tim Cathcart, Mathematics Dept., Bearden High School

Thank You for your support!

Thank You for your support!

Donation Levels

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Foundation Donors

Roberts, Jennifer

Robinson, Joseph & Heather

Rymer, Jon & Debra

Sea Sails, Inc.

Smith, C. Wayne & Kay

Smith, Thomas & Catherine

Straus, Marc & Stacy

Taylor, Edwin

Vester, Thomas & Blanche

Vitchner, Angela

Vogel, Michele & Todd

Webster, Frank & Natalyn

Whillock, Chris & Sherry

Wilson, Charles & Jaclyn

Wood, Bryan & Charl Main



Adams, John

Alexander, Ron & Jean

Baker, Eric & Marcela

Baker, John & Leslie

Baugher, J & Linda

Bressler, Lisa

Brodskiy, Nikolay

Cathey, Jason & Mary

Cloud, Douglas & Betty

Doyle, David & Kathleen

Ellison, David G.

Elmore, Catherine

Fuller, Brian & Maryjane

Hobbs, Grady & Sherry

Holt, Russell & Alice

Ironside, Kevin & Pamela

Johnson, Sonya

Kelley, Harvey & Lisa

Kinney, Sean & Angela

Leonard, Allen

Maples, Preston K.

Marshall, J.L. & J.M.

McMillen, John & Mary Jane

McNeil, Martin & Andrea

Meyers, Jay & Tammy

Migun, Peter & Lauren

Moss, Kevin

Muldowny, Steven & Amy

Pierce, Mary Elizabeth

Potts, Albert & Ruth

Reynolds, Roberta

Rhines, Marion & Darrin

Riggins, Kristi

Seaman, Matt & Leigh

Shultz, Kelle

Silverstein, Larry

Snider, David & Susan

Sutton, Cynthia

Tiarks, Shawn & Judy

Timbs, Matthew & Emily

Wilkins, Joanna

Williams, Jon & Antoinette

Winn, Barry & Grace

Witherspoon, Jerry

Varsity ($100-$249)

Adkins, Gregory & Tara

Barclay, Bonnie & David

Beavers, Scott & Marcy

Blair, David

Brice, Scott & Sarah

Browning, Debbie

Campbell, Robert & Susan

Carlson, Eric & Susan

Coffey, Bryan & Lynn

Coffin, James

Cole, Joseph & Cordula

Coleman, Dawn

Cronin, Thomas

Crook, Thomas & Melinda

Davern, Sandra

Davis, Angela Marie

Davis, Mariana

Decker, Jim & Michelle

DeGroot, Pamela

Eltz, August & Lori

Faircloth, Charles & Barbara

Ferraro, Ralph

Flynn, Kaye & Tracy

Frazier, Louise

Freudenberg, Kevin & Violeta

F.W. of Knoxville 1, LLC

Gentry, Chris & Michelle

Gerken, Joseph & Stacey

Gifford, Jessica

Gilbert, Scott & Molly

Harris, Patricia Reavis

Heins, John E.

Hughes, Danny & Anna Marie

Janney, David & Holly

Jans, Andrew

Jones, Kevin & Jenny

Jones, David & Jeanne

Karnowski, Dana & Thomas

Keziah, Christopher & Carolyn

Larue Realty

Lewis, Brad & Cary

Lundberg, Brian & Melissa

Mamantov, Mark & Catherine

Matlock Tire Service, Inc.

McAllister, Ross & Lynda

Mellen, Earl & Nancy

Metro Knoxville HMA

Morgenegg, Ben

Moseley, Harry & Lori

Murphy, Peggy

Niemeyer, Carolyn

Norris, Christopher & Laura

Nystrom, Hugh

Oakes, James F.

Oakes, Bunny

Orler, Robert & Jennifer

Perry, Dean &Tracy

Peters, Bradley & Heather

Pulsinelli, Gary & Lynda

Richards, Jill

Top Dawg ($5000 & up)

Bertelkamp, Henry F., Jr.


Pedigree ($1000-$4000)

Arana, Julio & Julia

Binkley, David & Jacqueline


Craig, Michael & Melanie

Foster, Eric

Heins Laning, Margaret

Maierhofer, Justin & Kelley

Merit Construction Inc.

Nordin, Janene

Pluznyk, Melanie

Tolene, James

Wright, David C.


Bulldog Club ($500-$999)

Bonnyman, Alexander Ashe

Hinkle, Jim & Linda

Landry & Azevedo

Langford, Allen & Julie

Montgomery, Phillip & Colleen

Murphy, John & Sherri

Pendergrass, Joseph & Shawn

Rose, Richard

Schaich, Charles & Sharon

Shomaker, Janet

SouthEast Bank

Spencer, Edwin & Tracey

Tigner, Bryan & Tammie

Virginia Jane, LLC

Wilkins, Marshall & Clare

Champion ($250-$499)

American Leak Detection

Beam, Andrew & Meredith

Belcher, David & Laura

Bell, Patricia

Benevicz, Dennis & Lisa

Biggs, Jeremy

Clark, Andrew & Margaret

Coffin, Charles & Ann Fritts

Fawaz, Hassan

Fleishman, Seth & Nataly

Heins III, George (Buddy) H.

Jacoby, William & Jennifer

Knox County Government

Lehn, Jesse & Mallory

McIntyre, James & Michelle

Nagdeman, Eric & Nancy

Pelot, Reuben & Judith

PetWell Clinic, LLC

Reel, Jim & Carla

Sheringham, Christina

Stubbs, Brian & Elizabeth

The Rotary Foundation

Watson, Erin & Kim

Wilson, Brent & Christina