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Foundation scholarship winners

to continue their education

Creative Arts Scholarship
Awarded to a senior planning to pursue education in theatre, music or visual arts who has exhibited a strong work ethic and dedication to an area of expertise.
The winner was Julia Ozdych.


Achiever Scholarship
Awarded to a senior who has overcome a physical and mental disability, displayed an exemplary work ethic and plans to pursue additional education or training.
The winner was Dale Montpelier.
Technical Scholarship
Awarded to a senior who has demonstrated a high degree of aptitude in a particular area of technical study and plans to pursue additional education or training.
The winner was Abigail Brewer.
Buddy Heins Servant Leader Scholarship
Awarded to a senior who has demonstrated the ability to effectively lead and empower others to achieve and lead through selfless service. The winner was Alissa Lewis.



The Bearden Foundation offers scholarships to graduating seniors to reward achievement in a variety of endeavors. Additionally, a scholarship named in honor of former BHS Principal Dr. John Bartlett provides new laptop computers to deserving students. Winners were selected by a scholarship committee and presented during Senior Celebration activities at the high school. For next year’s Foundation scholarships, interested students can learn more and pick up a Nomination Request Form in the College & Career Center.

How to

Students interested in applying for Foundation scholarships should pick up a Nomination Request Form in the College and Career Center at Bearden. All applications must be turned in to the center by April 2020.

“Your support matters!”

Scholarship honors former Bearden teacher

In 2010, Randy and Jenny Houbler Boyd began funding a scholarship in honor of former Bearden teacher Claude Houbler to send Bearden’s annual contingent of students to the Tennessee Girls and Boys State conventions. Born in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Houbler enlisted in the Army at 20 and served from 1940 until 1961. He was a paratrooper and served in Japan, Korea, Germany and Italy before retiring with the rank of Major. Houbler enrolled at the University of Tennessee to earn his Education degree and after graduating, he accepted a teaching job at Bearden in 1964 until he retired in 1983. "The Major" was well known by his ]


students as a fair and entertaining teacher. He was strict, but had a great teaching style and he never forgot a student. Boys and Girls State, among the most respected and selective education programs of government instruction for high school students, was something the soldier and social studies teacher wholeheartedly supported.The Houbler family gift is a loving example of the generosity of the Bearden community. The Foundation concluded its 2018-19 Bearden Alumni Giving campaign in the spring with more than $4,000 raised for the school. Thank you to the many Bulldog alumni who contributed! If you are a Bearden alum and open to the idea of making a lasting difference in the lives of Bearden students, please contact the Bearden Foundation.

Major Houbler Boys & Girls State Scholarship



Awarded to rising seniors attending the American Legion Tennessee Boys State and the American Legion Auxiliary Volunteer Girls State programs which focus on leadership, citizenship and government. Given by the Houbler family in honor of former Bearden teacher Claude Houbler, the scholarships help cover the cost of attendance.

Boys State Winners: Thomas Kearley and Stephen Fuller.
Girls State Winners: Aliza Blackmon, Zoe Jouline, Hollie Lesslie, Lillian Nagdeman, Constance Paris, Emily Robinson, Lilliana Price, and Caleigh Stivers.

Dr. John Bartlett Striver Scholarship




Awarded to seniors who strove for excellence at school while also holding down a job to help themselves or their family make ends meet. This year’s recipients all displayed a strong work
ethic and a desire to continue their education.
The 2020 winners were 
Alexas Fernandez, Mouriaa Yogakumar and Logan Mize.

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