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Annual Award

Foundation proud to recognize

Bulldog scholars


Black Fork Ribbon
Creative Arts Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a senior who is pursuing continuing education in the creative arts venues of theatre, music, or visual arts.
The awardee exhibits a strong work ethic and will have strived for perfection in his/her area of expertise—This year’s winner of the $500 Creative Arts scholarship is  Cameron Mize.
Black Fork Ribbon
Achiever Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a senior who has overcome obstacles, displayed an exemplary work ethic, and intends to pursue additional education or training in an area of employment—This year’s BHS Foundation Achiever’s $500 Scholarship goes to Max Aba.
Black Fork Ribbon
Technical Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a senior who has demonstrated a high aptitude in a particular area of technical study and will pursue continuing education in that area of study.  This may include computer, engineering, or science focus areas—This year’s winner is Avigail Laing.
Black Fork Ribbon
Buddy Heins Servant Leader Scholarshipis awarded to a senior who has demonstrated the ability to effectively lead and empower others to achieve and lead through selfless service to others for the betterment of the Bearden campus and community or the community at large. The award seeks to acknowledge a high school leader, not necessarily in title, but through action while humbly exhibiting the qualities of a true servant leader— This year’s award goes to Hannah Hunt.



The Bearden Foundation offers scholarships to graduating seniors to reward achievement in a variety of endeavors. Additionally, a scholarship named in honor of former BHS Principal Dr. John Bartlett provides new laptop computers to deserving students. Winners were selected by a scholarship committee and presented during Senior Celebration activities at the high school. For next year’s Foundation scholarships, interested students can learn more and pick up a Nomination Request Form in the College & Career Center.


How to

Students interested in applying for Foundation scholarships should pick up a Nomination Request Form in the College and Career Center at Bearden. All applications must be turned in to the center by April 2020.
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“Your support matters!”

Dr. John Bartlett Striver Scholarship




Awarded to seniors who strove for excellence at school while also holding down a job to help themselves or their family make ends meet. This year’s recipients all displayed a strong work
ethic and a desire to continue their education.

The 2022 winners were 

Javier Castro, Demyria Jones, Candice Hanson, Abby Mutta,
Cade Osbo
rne, Harshi Patel, and Devin Williams
Blue ribbon with stars
Blue ribbon with stars
Blue ribbon with stars
Blue ribbon with stars
Blue ribbon with stars
Blue ribbon with stars
Blue ribbon with stars

Major Houbler Boys & Girls State Scholarship



Awarded to rising seniors attending the American Legion Tennessee Boys State and the American Legion Auxiliary Volunteer Girls State programs which focus on leadership, citizenship and government. Given by the Houbler family in honor of former Bearden teacher Claude Houbler, the scholarships help cover the cost of attendance.

Boys State Winners: Jaxon Thornburgh, Jackson Keller, Zackerie Hubbs
Girls State Winners: Bradynn Belcher, Lily Benevicz, Maddie Brillhart, Nicole Couvertiere,
Medb Glatt, Baylor Johnson, Sally Pendergrass












Creative Arts                                       Julia Ozdych
Achiever                                              Dale Montpelier
Technical                                             Abigail Brewer
Servant Leadership                           Alissa Lewis
Bartlett Strivers                                 Alexas Fernandez, Mouriaa Yogakumar and Logan Mize



Creative Arts                                       Victoria Wheelock
Achiever                                              Fritz Siegel

Technical                                             Shahin Ahmadi

Servant Leadership                           Lily Sitver
Andrew Hinkle Soccer                       Asiimwe Ironside

Bartlett Strivers                                  Camilla Fielder, Earnquavious Golden and Michael Hines


Creative Arts                                       Madison Tenney
Achiever                                              Alexandra Blue
Technical                                             Chandler Rosecrance
Servant Leadership                           Meredith Jefferies
Andrew Hinkle Soccer                       Ashtyn Glover
Bartlett Strivers                                  Nesma Abdelnabi, Thomas Andersen, Vanessa Garcia                                                                        and Samantha Moore

Awesome Adam Adventures            Lilly Sitver

Creative Arts                                       Amanda Olson
Achiever                                               Jenny Thompson
Technical                                              Deneil Patel
Andrew Hinkle Soccer                        Will Lewis
Bartlett Strivers                                   Bricen Montgomery, Addie Jones and Colby Griffin Awesome Adam Adventures            Megan Kerr


Creative Arts                                       Kristine Anderson

Achiever                                               James Bowers

Technical                                             Christina Paris

Andrew Hinkle Soccer                       Emily Mayfield
Bartlett Strivers                                  Victoria Blair, Janna Bernius, Kristine Andersen,

                                                              Johnathan Lambert and Braden Walden



Creative Arts                                       Amy Chen

Achiever                                              Sydney Jones

Technical                                             Max Neveau

Andrew Hinkle Soccer                       Ian Schomer

Mary Lou Kanipe Leadership           Kelsey Kinzer

Becky Ramsey Volunteerism            Piper Givens

Creative Arts                                      Campbell Ella
Achiever                                              Justin Straus
Technical                                            Baylor Johnson
Servant Leadership                          Caleb McNeil and Reece Wood.
Bartlett Strivers                                 Javier Castro, Demyria Jones, Candice Hanson, Abby Mutta,
                                                             Cade Osborne, Harshi Patel, and Devin Williams


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