Helping make Bearden

the best it can be

Each semester, the Foundation’s Gift Committee meets to evaluate the variety of requests for financial assistance made by teachers, administrators and other stakeholders at Bearden High School. Factors in committee decisions include the number of students and teachers benefitted by the request, additional sources of possible funding, measurable educational objectives, and financial documentation. 


The deadline for Applications for Fall Gift Requests is the end of August. The deadline for Applications for Spring Gift Requests is the end of January.

How your money was invested at
Bearden in 2020-21

Thanks to generous donations from you and the Bearden community, the Foundation was able to fulfill the following requests made during the last academic year.

• Academics -Funds to purchase hand-held buzzers for the Quiz    Bowl teams.

• Band -Funds to purchase a new marimba percussion instrument.

• Business -Funds to cover conference registration fees for the Virtual Enterprise team.

• Choir – Funds to purchase a piano dolly, a water-resistant piano cover, and a keyboard lock.

• Computers – Funds to purchase heavy- duty tech chairs for Coding and Web Design classes.

• Counseling - Funds to purchase small coffee/hot cocoa bar for the office.

• English – Funds to purchase new books and class magazine subscription.

• Facility – Funds to purchase flat-screen TVs to be mounted around the school.

• Library – Funds to purchase new chairs for the conference room.

• Marketing – Funds to purchase textbooks for the Marketing and Management course.

• Math – Funds to purchase a new classroom projector and online curriculum tools.

• Science – Funds to cover registration fees for the Science Olympiad competition. Funds to purchase fetal pigs for      dissection in Biology class. Funds to purchase networking gear for the cybersecurity program.

• Softball – Funds to help improve the condition of the softball field.


More than $1 million has been raised for Bearden High School since the Foundation was established in 1998.

Below are just a few of the many gifts the Foundation has given to BHS:

table of gifts.jpg