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Each semester, the Foundation’s Gift Committee meets to evaluate the variety of requests for financial assistance made by teachers, administrators and other stakeholders at Bearden High School. Factors in committee decisions include the number of students and teachers benefitted by the request, additional sources of possible funding, measurable educational objectives, and financial documentation. 


The deadline for Applications for Fall Gift Requests is the end of August. The deadline for Applications for Spring Gift Requests is the end of January. For more information, please contact BHS Foundation Gift Committee Chair Nicole Siegel at


Thanks to generous donations from you and the Bearden community, the Foundation was able to fulfill the following requests made during the last academic year.

Where your money was invested at

Bearden in 2018-19

• Athletics – Funds to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) lifesaving device.

• Band – Funds to purchase a new field speaker system plus euphoniums for the marching band.

• Basketball – Funds to help transform a storage area into a team video room.

• Business – Funds to purchase computer software to manage multiple workstations plus trade show registration fees for Bearden’s Virtual Enterprise teams.

• English – Funds to purchase new text books plus registration fees for a conference on childhood trauma.

• Faculty – Funds to support teacher training and professional development.

• Football – Funds to help upgrade the tile floor in the team’s weight room.

• PTSO – Funds to support the Grad Night Celebration at Main Event.

• Math – Funds to purchase new whiteboard tables and chairs plus new graphing calculators.

• Science – Funds to help turn frozen specimens into taxidermied    teaching tools plus registration fees for the Science Olympiad competition.

• Social Studies – Funds to purchase new text books.

• Special Ed – Funds to purchase alternative seating options for the classroom.

• STEM – Funds to purchase supplies to tackle the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge.

• Testing – Funds to purchase new Dell Chromebook computers.

Where does the money go?

Foundation helps

Marching Band stay in step

The speaker system used by the band was more than 10 years old and no longer broadcasting clearly and reliably. Organizers worried this might negatively affect the students. The Foundation awarded funds to help upgrade the field speakers with accessories that included a rechargeable battery and microphone, plus wireless capability and Bluetooth inputs.
"The new, modern system allows us to communicate effectively, a key component to facilitate growth within the ensemble and improve the quality of the performance,” said Band Director James Wilson. There was also an issue this year with a key musical instrument. The band’s euphoniums, which resemble a small tuba, were more than 20 years old and no longer capable of the advanced levels sought by student performers. The euphonium, along with the baritone and tuba, is considered the foundation of a band. Without them, the music does not sound full or balanced. The Foundation awarded funds to help purchase two new four-valve compensating euphoniums. “This will be a significant upgrade to our instrument inventory,” said Wilson.
The Bearden Marching Band features more than 150 students and provides entertainment at numerous events including Friday night football games. Excellence requires training and each band performer relies on verbal instructions and the pulse of a metronome during practices in order to sharpen and coordinate music and movement.


Like clockwork: Coordination and precision are on display whenever the Bearden Marching Band takes the field.

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