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Every year the B.R.A.T.S. (Bearden Retired Active Teachers) have their annual Homecoming Luncheon hosted by Bearden High School. These “active” retired teachers meet once a month. They accept new members into their group yearly! All of the members were not present on this day, but more pictures will be added at a later date. 

Look for your favorite teacher! The teachers pictured above have combined, 497 years of dedicated service as educators! Several met and worked with their spouses at Bearden and many of their children and grandchildren attended Bearden. Read more to find out what they are doing now.I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.



Name: Judy Arnold (Dr. Bletner, Dr. Arnold) 
Subject(s) taught: English 
Years at BHS: 14 
Total # of years in education: 43 
Greatest Memory of BHS: My students. 
What are you doing these days? Graduate faculty at

Lincoln Memorial University. I teach graduate teacher



Name: Polly Anna Harris 
Subject(s) taught: Math, Algebra I, and Calculus 
Years at BHS: 1970-1993 
Total # of years in education: 27 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Two greatest memories:

(1) Outstanding students – academically and otherwise (2) I was selected TN’s Presidential Teacher of Math Awardee in 1984 and went with other awardees to Washington D.C. where we met with President Reagan at the White House. 
What are you doing these days? Serving on Vols Teach, which encourages aspiring math and science teachers to complete 5 years (including graduate school) in 4 years.Member of the Knoxville Symphony League, Member of The Ivory League (piano players)


Name: (Rudie) Rouselle S. Mears 
Subject(s) taught: VOE Cooperative, Accounting, Shorthand, Notehand, Business Machines, International Business, Business Law etc.. 
Years at BHS: 1973-1999 
Total # of years in education: 38 
Greatest Memory of BHS: The day I was chosen to be the spokesperson for the faculty at the 10 million dollar renovation of BHS. I was honored to be part of the program. 
What are you doing these days? Bridge, church activities, loving grandchildren (2) ages 4 and 6!


Name: Cloyd (Tal) Hooker 
Subject(s) taught: Guidance Counselor 
Years at BHS: 23 years 
Total # of years in education: 30 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Establishing Key Club 
What are you doing these days? Reading


Name: Deloris Tolson 
Subject(s) taught: Keyboarding, Office Technology, Word Processing, Desktop Publishing 
Years at BHS: 14 
Total # of years in education: 32 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Teaching great students and working with the best teachers and administrators. Teaching what I loved – computer skills. 
What are you doing these days? Enjoying retirement and taking care of my 3 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a husband who requires more time than my pets!


Name: Tony DeDominick 
Subject(s) taught: Algebra 1 and 2 
Years at BHS: 25 
Total # of years in education: 35 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Helping classes of ’86 and ’90 with skits and proms. Also, announcing football and basketball games through the years. 
What are you doing these days? Adjunct professor at Maryville College teaching Math and Social Dance. Also teaching non-credit dance at UT.


Name: Barbara Comeaux 
Subject(s) taught: Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology, Leadership 
Years at BHS: 26 
Total # of years in education: 36 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Fellowship with students and staff. Too many to list! Student Government activities were outstanding. 
What are you doing these days? Traveling – playing! Everything you do with free-time, very active, enjoying life.


Name: Linda Marks 
Subject(s) taught: Spanish 
Years at BHS: 24 
Total # of years in education: 36 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Teaching in the flattops. Doing prom in the west mall. 
What are you doing these days? I am trying to get my grandchildren out of high school.


Name: W. J. Potter 
Subject(s) taught: Business and Computer 
Years at BHS: 1998-1999, 2008-2010 
Total # of years in education: 16 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Dr. Kanipe, Dr. Bartlett and some wonderful students. 
What are you doing these days? Teaching Business and Computer classes at Pellissippi State Community College and enjoying retirement.


Name: Tom Dunne 
Subject(s) taught: German, some Russian and English 
Years at BHS: 26 
Total # of years in education: 27 
Greatest Memory of BHS: The staff over the years and the many fine students (and some of the characters). 
What are you doing these days? Volunteer work, running, biking, golf, and reading.


Name: Richard Cowan 
Subject(s) taught: American History, Sociology, Geography, Drivers Education, Wellness, P.E. 
Years at BHS: 26 
Total # of years in education: 39 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Meeting my future wife, Susan who was working in the Library 
What are you doing these days? Working for my Lord and family


Name: Allen Carlin 
Subject(s) taught: U.S. History, Wellness, Weight lifting 
Years at BHS: 1981-2002 
Total # of years in education: 40 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Too many to write out 
What are you doing these days? Substitute teaching, working around the house, traveling


Name: Carol Carlin 
Subject(s) taught: Bookkeeper 
Years at BHS: 1992-2010 
Total # of years in education: 21 
Greatest Memory of BHS: All the wonderful people I worked with. 
What are you doing these days? Yard work, traveling, reading


Name: Ralph Reynolds (Deceased 2014)
Subject(s) taught: Wellness 
Years at BHS: 1995-2008 
Total # of years in education: 19 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Working for Mary Lou Kanipe, BHS athletics 
What are you doing these days? Yard work, grandchildren (8)


Name: Cecil E. (Gene) Rayburn 
Subject(s) taught: Computer Aided Drafting, Engineering Design, and (CMS) Career Management Success 
Years at BHS: 26 
Total # of years in education: 26 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Great friends with faculty and some wonderful students, Ed Hedgepeth, Dr. Kanipe, Dr. Bartlett 
What are you doing these days? Travel, family, church, and missions


Name: Ernie Roberts 
Subject(s) taught: Math/Key Club Advisor/Basketball Announcer 
Years at BHS: 1983-2009 
Total # of years in education: 32 
Greatest Memory of BHS: Love the family atmosphere between students, faculty, and parents. 
What are you doing these days? Part time teaching BHS, Acting T.V. and stage, Real estate investment for Fun, Knoxville Opera


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