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December 2019 Dear Fellow Bearden Alumni,


For the over 20 years, the Bearden High School Foundation has worked to support Bearden High School in its endeavor to provide a quality education to all students. The Foundation has provided funds for teachers to obtain enhanced training, purchase materials and equipment for classrooms, support campaigns to improve athletic fields, build field houses, renovate the auditorium and support all clubs and teams. Generally speaking, the Bearden High School Foundation has been the school’s overall booster club.


The Foundation invites you to participate in our 4th Annual Alumni Giving Campaign. We are writing to ask all alumni to consider a gift to your alma mater this year. We are blessed to be Bearden graduates. There are nearly 20,000 of us! Together we can make a significant difference in the current and future education of Bearden students.


Most of our funds have come from families of current students. Events such as our annual Phone-A-Thon held in the Fall and the Bulldog Classic Golf Tournament held in the Spring have proved to be a great success raising over $900,000 over the years.


Many alumni have participated in our fundraising events. Several have made significant contributions to the school in the form of scholarships, sponsorships, or contributions directed to facilities improvements. Some of these donations have honored former teachers, coaches, classmates or family members. The gifts from alumni have been invaluable in the Foundation’s efforts to support Bearden High School.


Please consider making a generous donation to the Bearden High School Foundation. The Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization. Over 99% of every dime raised goes directly to support students at Bearden High School.


Any and all donations are appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support of

Bearden High School.


If you are interested in an endowment or any other type of significant gift, please call me at (865) 414-0359.



Buddy Pelot (Class if 1982)                  Buddy Heins (Class of 1978)


Make a

Annual Giving Committee

• Jim Stockdale (’48)

• Elizabeth Dowell, MD (’49)

• Wayne Tipton (’63)

• Joe Bruner (’66)

• Cheryl Jewell Kershaw (’66)

• Phil Garner (’67)

• Jim Bruner (’67)

• Kathy Townes Lindsey (’69)

• John Staley, MD (’70)

• David Harris, MD (’71)

• Charles Coffin (’72)

• Sarah Alford Sheppard (’72)

• Cheri Johnston, MD (’73)

• Jenny Houbler Boyd (’75)

• Mike Barlow (’76)

• Bert Bertelkamp (’76)

• Leslie Coffin Swift (’76)

• Mark Mamantov (’77)

• Doug Harris (’78)

• Buddy Heins (’78)

• Michelle Pickens Decker (’78)

• Jeff McCamy (’80)

• Tim Burchett (’82)

• Buddy Pelot (’82)

• John Heins (’84)

• Dawson Halliday (’08)

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