Beverly Anderson named Bearden Alumnus of the Year

Beverly Dickerson Anderson, Class of 1980 and currently a counselor at BHS, was named Alumnus of the Year for 2020. Beverly was recognized at graduation ceremonies and her picture will be displayed in the Alumni Hall of Fame at the front entrance to school. Susan Bolinger, Director of College Counseling at Bearden, offered these thoughts about her friend and colleague:




Beverly Anderson

“A truly dedicated professional, Beverly Anderson is an excellent

advocate. Beverly was my trainer in the Undergraduate Admissions

Office at UT when I started as an admissions counselor. We worked

together in the Undergraduate Admissions Office at The University of Tennessee and now are

colleagues in the school counseling office.  Beverly has always been a model for others to follow. Her integrity and wit as well as her impeccable work ethic have never been equaled by anyone else with whom I have worked.


Beverly spends countless hours trying to improve school counseling as a profession for counselors in our area.  She worked tireless hours as President of SMCA and for her high school.  She is a college faculty member teaching others in her field.  She runs a large department at Bearden of over ten staff members and several interns. It is difficult to comprehend how she manages to balance her family life with a special needs son and a working husband, but Beverly manages to do it all with skill and grace. 


Beverly always goes out of her way to try to improve whatever she is working on and always provides valuable feedback for other counselors.  I have personally seen her go to great lengths to make accommodations for a student simply because it was in the best interest of the student.  She puts students first and makes a difference for those she is around.  She is a trailblazer and helps lead the path for others.


On the iconic “Torchbearer” statue at Beverly’s alma mater, the University of Tennessee, reads the motto, “One that beareth a torch shadoweth oneself to give light to others.” This is the epitome of Beverly Anderson.  She is always striving to make professionals in our field better. She makes others around her better. I cannot think of a more worthy and deserving candidate for Bearden Alumnus of the Year.”

Annual Award

Alumni of the Year

The Alumnus of the Year award reflects the good deeds of individuals who have made significant contributions to Bearden High School. The award was established by the Foundation and former Bearden High School Principal Dr. John Bartlett in 2010. 


Year    Winner                              Class

2020   Beverly Anderson             1980

2019   Buddy Pelot                       1982

2018   Dr. David Harris                1972

2017   Tim Burchett                      1982

2016   Amy Shipley-Moskal         1979

2015   Doug Harris                       1978

2014   Jack Tate                             1978 

2013   Bert Bertelkamp               1976

2012   Buddy Heins                      1978

2011    Dennis Hwang                  1997 

2010   Jim Bruner                          1967

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