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Foundation scholarship winners announced

The Bearden Foundation offers scholarships to graduating seniors to reward achievement in a variety of endeavors. Additionally, the Dr. John Bartlett Striver Scholarship provides new laptop computers to deserving students. Winners were selected by a scholarship committee.

The 2021 Foundation scholarship winners are Anna Hutchinson, Creative Arts (awarded to a senior planning to pursue education in theatre, music or visual arts who has exhibited a strong work ethic and dedication to an area of expertise.) Lillian Nagdeman, Achiever (awarded to a senior who has overcome a physical and mental disability, displayed an exemplary work ethic and plans to pursue additional education or training.). Constance Paris, Technical (awarded to a senior who has demonstrated a high degree of aptitude in a particular area of technical study and plans to pursue additional education or training). Cross Fuller, Buddy Heins Servant Leader (awarded to a senior who has demonstrated the ability to effectively lead and empower others to achieve and lead through selfless service. ).

The Bartlett Striver Scholarship recognizes seniors who strove for excellence at school while also holding down a job to help themselves or their family make ends meet. This year’s recipients all displayed a strong work ethic and a desire to continue their education. The 2021 winners are Emery Gore, Cross Fuller, Aniah Patrick, Emily Robinson, Izaiha Bredwood, and Obed Mutambula. Congratulations to these Seniors and thank you to Susan Bolinger, the Director of College Counseling at Bearden High School, for her leadership and guidance.


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