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New gear powers Cybersecurity program

The Foundation awarded funds to the Math Department in Spring 2021 to help purchase a video camera and computer equipment for the school's Cybersecurity program. Dr. Tim Cathcart shared the photos below and explained how the new gear makes a big difference in the classroom.

“The camera allows a virtual guest speaker to interact live with students, to talk back and forth and see everyone during the class. It simply rocks and has been an amazing asset especially this school year, as we've been able to have multiple virtual guest speakers for the students and it greatly enhances the educational experience.”

“These students helped install one of the network switches (over their heads is the rack with the switch). These switches have been awesome! The old ones had noisy fans making it harder for students and teachers to communicate. The new ones are quiet. A power surge knocked out one of our old switches two days after the new switches came in. We were able to replace the unit (with surge protector) and keep moving. Crisis avoided!”

“The students have immensely enjoyed spec'ing out and building these computers. We’ve upgraded the computers for the classroom and created some outstanding educational opportunities.”

“The students are holding some of the components we will use to continue building computers. We're excited to build these from scratch and remain extremely grateful for the support of the Foundation.”


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