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Scholarship honors former Bearden teacher

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

In 2010, Randy and Jenny Houbler Boyd began funding a scholarship in honor of former Bearden teacher Claude Houbler to send Bearden’s annual contingent of students to the Tennessee Girls and Boys State conventions.

Summer civics: Tennessee Tech hosts Boys State attendees while Girls State is held at Lipscomb University.

Born in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Houbler enlisted in the Army at 20 and served from 1940 until 1961. He was a paratrooper and served in Japan, Korea, Germany and Italy before retiring with the rank of Major. Houbler enrolled at the University of Tennessee to earn his Education degree and after graduating, he accepted a teaching job at Bearden in 1964 until he retired in 1983.

"The Major" was well known by his students as a fair and entertaining teacher. He was strict, but had a great teaching style and he never forgot a student. Boys and Girls State, among the most respected and selective education programs of government instruction for high school students, was something the soldier and social studies teacher wholeheartedly supported.

The Houbler family gift is a loving example of the generosity of the Bearden community. The Foundation concluded its 2018-19 Bearden Alumni Giving campaign in the spring with more than $4,000 raised for the school. Thank you to the many Bulldog alumni who contributed! If you are a Bearden alum and open to the idea of making a lasting difference in the lives of Bearden students, please contact the Bearden Foundation.


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